State-of-the-Art Dental Technology in McKinney, Texas

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our patients with exceptional service, Thompson Dental utilizes advanced dental technology in McKinney, Texas. Our technology allows our dentist and team to work with more efficiency and provide our patients with more comfortable, attentive care.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

CEREC technology is uniquely suited to the creation of quality, long-lasting dental crowns. Its in-office milling station and digital integration allows us to make your restoration on site in only one dental visit.

Cone beam


Cone Beam 3D imaging is an excellent diagnostic tool used to create three-dimensional images of your teeth, mouth, jaw and head. This allows our team to gain a better understanding of the conditions of your mouth and provide more accurate treatment.


Pharyngometer / Rhinometer

The pharyngometer / rhinometer is a device that measures the size and strength of your airway through the analysis of soundwaves. Patients who uses this device undergo a simple breathing test where data is collected and displayed on screen in real time. It can be used for patients who have sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, and helps our dentist provide more precise solutions to help you sleep better, breathe easier and live well.

nomad sensor

NOMAD™ Digital X-Ray

Dr. Ryan Thompson uses digital X-rays to view your teeth beneath your gumline, allowing for easier and more precise diagnosis. We use the NOMAD intraoral X-ray system, which is a handheld device that transmits images of your teeth to our digital software.

sleep test

At-Home Sleep Test

We use WatchPAT® technology to conduct at-home sleep tests for our patients to find out if they have sleep apnea. This measures things like heart rate, oxygen in the blood, movement, body position, snoring and chest motion. After you complete this test, our dentist and team should be able to give you a diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.


iPads & Headphones

We want our patients to feel comfortable with visiting with our dentist. That is why we offer amenities such as iPads and headphones to all our patients for increased comfort during your checkups and procedures.

I love Thompson Dental! They do beautiful cosmetic work and all of the staff really care about the clients. The staff is happy, so you know management is GREAT! Dr. Thompson is the BEST!

– Tracy J

Todays visit went very well. It was a comfortable setting from the moment I came in. The staff is friendly and helpful. The dental assistance Lisa did a really good job and of course Dr Thompson is an excellent dentist

– Jerry R

I’ve always had a wonderful experience getting my dental care done at Thompson Dental. Highly recommend:)

– Melanie N

Dr Thompson and the Thompson Dental staff are the dentist practice I recommend to everyone. Competent, trustworthy, courteous and knowledgeable. Our entire family chooses this team for our dental care needs.

– Korey H

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