Look good, feel good, and enjoy good health: Cosmetic dentistry can do all these for you!

It’s not painful unless you can’t even bear a slight pinch. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made the processes simple and more comfortable, while there are many ways to minimize and manage pain.

Cosmetic dentistry is painful.

Myth 1:

Fact :

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are safe and won’t harm your teeth. In fact, some of these procedures can protect your natural teeth. After all, would your dentist do anything to harm your teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry can damage your teeth

Myth 2:

Fact :

If you check the prices of most common cosmetic dental procedures, you’ll realize this is false. Besides, it’s better to take preventive action now rather than spending more to treat complicated problems later.

Cosmetic dentistry is expensive.

Myth 3:

Fact :

Cosmetic dentistry enhances the appearance of your teeth while leaving them as natural as possible. After a close examination, only a certified dentist can tell if you’ve had work done.

It robs the natural look of your teeth.

Myth 4:

Fact :

Cosmetic dentistry can do more than enhance your looks. Some procedures can correct tooth misalignment, which may cause pain when eating. It also treats broken teeth and malocclusion that causes severe pain, tooth loss, and other oral diseases.

It’s only for those who want to look nice.

Myth 5:

Fact :

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There is no need to believe in myths when we have laid out the facts for you.