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Teeth whitening options to bring out the best in your smile

At Thompson Dental in McKinney, Texas, we see you as valued members of our extended dental family and not as business opportunities. We also see a rejuvenated, vibrant smile in your future, courtesy of our many professional teeth whitening options

KöR® Whitening

We understand that our patients are one of a kind. Each patient brings their own personal background, preferences, needs, goals, and concerns to our office. For this reason, we offer several ways to get a brighter, healthier-looking smile – safely, effectively, and without the risk of off-the-shelf products or kits.

KöR® Whitening presents not one system but several. Dr. Ryan Thompson offers four options within this exceptional line of whitening methods:

  • KöR® Home – From the comfort and convenience of home (or wherever you may be!), you can achieve dramatically and predictably whiter teeth in around two weeks. Just be sure to fill the proprietary whitening trays with KöR’s powerful whitening gel, and wear the trays as directed. Dr. Thompson may prescribe two weeks of nighttime whitening. Or, it may be recommended that you wear the trays once or twice each day for at least two weeks. Afterward, periodic whitening helps to sustain those dazzling results!
  • KöR® MAX – This option blends both the power of in-office bleaching with the convenience of home whitening. It is popular due to its unsurpassed results. KöR® products have been designed for maximum effectiveness. The “Max” version includes two weeks of whitening at night, one in-office visit, and periodic touch-ups at home.
  •  KöR® ULTRA – After around three to four weeks of nighttime whitening at home and an office treatment, patients can transform teeth with stubborn discoloration that is typically not responsive to whitening products — even to other medical-grade gels. The “secret” is in KöR’s ability to condition the teeth. So, tooth structure better absorbs oxygen in their gels, which dissolves and lifts stain molecules. This approach is appropriate if you have discoloration like severe age-related stains or fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride use in childhood.
  •  KöR® ULTRA-T – This system has achieved the impossible! We can now remove intrinsic yellow, blue, gray, or brown stains caused by tetracycline. This option involves the same whitening process as its ULTRA counterpart, and only trays are worn for six to eight weeks instead of three to four weeks. KöR® uses both advanced trays and peroxide gel to transform teeth that formerly may have only been candidates for “cover-ups” – such as porcelain veneers or bonding to “disguise” discolored tooth enamel.

Venus White Max

You can also get quick results ahead of your next big office event or just before the next Zoom call. Venus White Max is a 60-minute, in-office appointment. The treatment is chemically activated and not activated with laser light that can cause more sensitivity like some other professional chairside whitening procedures. The design of this system supports real and lasting results. Also, your comfort is our priority. The gel is formulated to minimize tooth sensitivity. So, it may be appropriate for patients that otherwise would not be good candidates for “power” whitening. 

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Thompson and his team at Thompson Dental

There is sure to be an option that is right for you to restore the white color of your teeth, which exudes vibrancy and health. Call (972) 366-7743 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thompson at our office in McKinney.


Enjoy a brighter smile with KöR whitening in McKinney, Texas!

Enjoy a brighter smile with KöR whitening in McKinney, Texas!

KöR Seal Whitening tray, seal whitening gel in and seal damaging saliva out! Unlike other whitening systems this seal in combination with KöR whitening gels provides hours of effective whitening.

Dr. Ryan Thompson


Dr. Ryan Thompson received his bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management from Texas A&M University. After obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center, he served as a captain in the United States Air Force for a year while completing his Advanced Education General Dentistry Residency. Before opening Thompson Dental, he spent two more years as a dentist in the Air Force and worked as an associate dentist in Sherman, Texas.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and North Texas Dental Society. He enjoys looking after the dental health of the communities in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano, and Prosper and has also volunteered for several international dental mission trips.
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